Rebekah has always been a creative person interested in all types of art forms. As a child her mother just had to sit her down with some cheap paints and a stack of old computer paper and she would have peace and quiet for hours. Rebekah attended art classes all through school and spent time with her grandfather learning to oil paint in his studio. As a teenager she went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Queensland University of Technology after which she moved her focus to illustration and graduated from the Enmore Design Centre with an Advanced Diploma of Design and Illustration at the end of 2010. Recently Rebekah completed her Masters Degree at the University of Sydney.

As much as Rebekah enjoys working and learning on the computer her real inspiration comes from traditional forms of illustration and painting. She loves original 1950’s animation, animals, and acrylic. Rebekah's family are also a huge inspiration for her as both her grandfather and father paint. She still gets newspaper clippings every week from her grandfather all about the latest in painting styles and exhibitions as well as the odd well-loved paintbrush.

To receive samples of Rebekah's Work, contact her or download her tearsheets